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Don't Buy a Lemon When you need 
a car!

Make sure your next used car purchase is 
"as described"
 let us perform an on site pre-purchase inspection before you buy.

   Used Car Detectives is a Dallas and Fort Worth Texas based company that performs pre-purchase inspections on classic, used, leased and fleet autos. We never use contract help and you will speak to the actual inspector before and after each inspection.

Never buy sight-unseen without a third party inspection!

   With Over twenty years in the inpection and body repair industry you can rest assured your used car inpection will be performed to the highest standard.

   Let our Car Detectives take some of the worry out of long distance buying and selling. We perform a 150 point pre purchase inspection and provide over 30 photos with every inspection. You will receive an unbiased third party inspection.

   Buying a used car off Ebay, Craigslist, AutoTrader or other on line market places is a great way to buy a used car. Most sellers are honest and would never intentionally misrepresent their cars; however, their idea of "clean" and yours may not be exactly the same.The seller may not be aware of problems that we find.

   Our classic car inspections go through the same 150 point inspection process as all other cars. Additionally a much more rigorous inspection of Vin numbers. We do additional research on "Correct Numbers" cars to ensure cars are "as described". At the customers request we will pay extra attention to areas of special concern. We also inspect "project" cars.

   Used Car Detectives is based out of the DFW area. All inspections are performed by by us. The large national companies use contract help and may have no previous contact with the inspector. Unlike the big inspection companies you will actually speak to the inspector before and after the inspection. We are car people, we know cars and we love what we do. If you are buying a classic or used car in Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex please give us a call

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